Ideas for Events

General Event Ideas

Speaker series / single event with “name” speaker
Green Transport Roadeo
Kid-focused day
Canoe / kayak trip, guided
Cleanup / Trash Bash
Recycled crafts (and other) workshops… free school… skill share
Pop-up Eco-Village (convert existing group of houses into a temporary eco-village)
Fashion Show
Alternative Health show
People-powered concert
Self-propelled parade (or non-fossil-fueled)
parade of endangered species

Educational Events

Bees and pollination and growing a bee garden
Skill sharing
Sliammon history and culture
bike and walking trail tours
film screenings running continuously (especially anti-consumer, “less stuff” focused)
green / eco films
interpretive trail walks – nature/history
tours of local natural areas – plant and bird ID
energy / alternative building home tours
Overwintered/spring production garden tour
tree-planting (ideally food trees)
tour of Sycamore Commons permaculture demo site
Beach / marine life tours. Live chats with marine and forest scientists
wildlife / nature photography how-to (take nothing but pictures…)

“Live the Change” elements for your event

recycling and drop-off facilities (including recycling for unusual items e.g. CFLs and other fluorescents, batteries, phones, ink carts)
renewable power for music
green activities for kids – run a bouncy castle off the kids’ and parents’ bike efforts
zero waste
local ingredients in food vendors products
Water refills – bring your own bottle (no bottled water) – reusable cups
Green transport roadeo
car free / bike valet / special bus service
yoga on the beach
PAY PARKING – people arriving in cars (except disabled) have to pay to park; bikes, walkers, bus-riders don’t
work parties at farms, community gardens, &???
“Large objects to the curb” day – leave stuff out for people to pick up for free – city collects leftovers afterwards.
Really Really Free Market / swap shop / free store

Food and Drink

breakfast with the easter bunny / mother earth / green man
fundraising lunch – volunteer made, profits go to the event
local beer & wine – local beer garden
local ingredient pancake breakfast
Local-ingredient meals at restaurants
Local food potluck dinner


art/crafts/jewellery from recycled materials
eco-marketplace – sustainable, green, local, fair trade, organic…
sell pre-planted spring bulb pots, seedlings
sell trees to be planted
shoe shine
plant sale
Up-cycled clothing

Community and Goverment Info

elected official “office hours” (tent / booth)
BC Hydro and Fortis BC booths
public square – govt and community groups and projects
City ICSP Integrated Community Sustainability Plan open house
Tour of recent energy-conserving upgrades to Rec Complex
Hazardous waste / e-waste round up

Fun Elements for events (zero- or minimum-energy)

arm wrestling contest
3-legged race
Worst Hair Picture Contest: Have people bring in pictures of hairdos from their earlier years. People can pay to enter or to vote on Worst Hairdo.
bed race
best beard / mustache contest
best zombie or pirate costume
bra pong
come in costume as an eco character,… prize for best
easter bonnet contest (easter is in late March in 2016) – especially made with reused-recycled-local materials
easter egg hunt
eco fashion show – repurposed, upcycled clothing
eco-quiz with prizes – kids vs adult teams…
egg & spoon race
face painting
fortune telling
giant chess or checkers – temporary board marked out on the grass, recycled wood pieces.
Human chess
grandparent or parent/(grand)child lookalike contest
guess the number of (some kind of eco thing) in the jar
guess the weight of the cake
hair beading, braiding, plaiting with green/local decorations
henna art
welly-throwing contest
juggling and hula-hoop lessons
limbo dancing
lots of different activities and contests – event entry fee gets you PR$ – use PR$ to enter contests and activities
lying contest
magic show
make and fly kites
orienteering session
photo contest (of something sustainable, green, eco…)
pimped-out bike contest
pram race (dolls, not babies)
prize for best upcycled/recycled ouitfit worn to the event
puppet show
sack race
scrabble contest (giant?)
use cellphones for a cell phone throw event – – and use it to raise awareness about planned obsolescence etc. Recycle them afterwards
skipping / jump rope contest
slow bike race (who can take the longest time to complete the course with feet off the ground)
soap box derby – recyled materials
toilet seat toss (use plungers as targets)
treasure hunt
tug o war
ugly-face-pulling contest (take photos) – PR$ prize
who’s the baby? Baby pics from local celebrities, prize for the person who guesses the most right
yo-yo contest
car free pledge (pledge that you’ll spend less time driving and more time walking, biking, or busing)
fake election – vote with PR$ as a fundraiser – mayor and council of Earth Day / Earth Week / Earth Month
kids corner
adults on kids bikes/trikes race
stilt race
film-making contest

Things to Consider About Your Event…

  • How does it relate to earth month?
  • How does it relate to “Living the change”?
  • How can it use minimum energy… Fossil fuels, electricity?
  • How can it be zero waste?
  • How can people get to it without driving?
  • How accessible is it to people with disabilities, kids, seniors…?
  • How does it include people of varying cultures?
  • What is the takeaway? What will people learn, how will it change their lives or behaviour going forward?
  • How will it make your business or organization more green?
  • How can it strengthen the local economy?
  • Is it fun?
  • How does it link up with other earth month events or participants?
  • Could it be a joint effort with another group or business?
  • How could it use reused or recycled materials?
  • How can it leave a legacy: something that will continue after Earth Month is over?
  • Can you take an existing event and “green” it?